What does GANUS Mean?

1.The Chinese Meaning: In Chinese, GANUS is the translation of “君澜” (Jun-Lan), which summarizes the faith of GANUS lawyers: to pursue righteous laws in order to help people , weed out suspicion for the development of a better society. ?
2.The English Meaning: The name GANUS, refers to an Ancient Greek God recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary, which means Guardian-Angel. 

?The Meaning of GANUS’ Logo

1.The inspiration of GANUS’ logo comes from (Zhouyi), which says “As heaven maintains vigor through ?movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive ?devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind”. ?
2.Our Logo: the square and circle stands for rules in ancient Chinese philosophy, which inspire GANUS ?lawyers to be strict with a themselves with prudent attitude and conscientiousness in order to provide high-?end legal services. ?
3.The intermediate font is the combination of the Chinese characters “正” and “止”, which inspires the faith of ?GANUS lawyers — pursuing the righteous laws, weeding out suspicion. 

Philosophy of GANUS



Location & Transportation 

1.To establish an International legal service institution. Our firm is located in the financial center of Lujiazui, which is a core office area of Shanghai, China, even the globe. ?
2.We are easily accessible, with metro line 2; line 4; line 6 and line 9 connecting to Hongqiao and Pudong, across the primary trading area such as People’s Square, Nanjing Road, Zhongshan Park and Xujiahui district. ?

Standardization of Documents

1.Uniform format for litigation documents: GANUS sets the standard for litigation documents from format to font for every civil, commercial, criminal and administrative proceedings. ?

2.Uniform format for non-litigation documents: GANUS also sets the standard for non-litigation documents, such as legal letters, legal opinions, lawyer attestation letters, etc., from format to font.

3.Besides, GANUS has authorized and in order to standardize the signing process with our clients.

Standardization of Operating & Managing

  • 01

    A joint-stock holding system is implemented with GANUS. By drawing the core elements of corporate management, the ownership and management rights, the equity partners and professional managers are separated under this operations. The daily operation of GANUS is also directed and bound by unified regulations. 

  • 02

    Ganus lawyers is a complication of all the rules that should be followed in all aspects of daily operations.

  • 03

    GANUS pays a lot of attention to the standardization of personal access process, the standardization of administrative affairs process, and the standardization of financial settlement process. 

Ganus’ Value:The law would not protect those who sleep on their rights.